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Six Month One On One Mentorship

The Innerbloom is for those waiting to start their life. 

You may feel the heaviness of living out of alignment with your values, perhaps a major life change is about to take place and you're not sure where to start. You feel 'stuck' and know something has to give.

Over these 12 sessions we will look at each part of your current life situation and how each part is interacting with the others. We move through stored emotional pain in the body to soften past hurt, explore the little clues life is giving you, and begin to create the life you came here to live without the heaviness of obligation or guilt. 

These sessions are spaced fortnightly over 24 weeks. 




Three Month One On One Mentorship

You lead a life authentic to you but have started to feel disillusioned, off balance and lost. Perhaps a part of yourself has resurfaced and a period of integration is needed

We will work together closely to uncover where the dis-ease is being formed and move towards a state of flow. 

These 6 sessions are for regaining clarity and inspiration through introspective practices, creative outlets and physical movement.

These sessions are spaced fortnightly over 12 weeks. 


Series Of Three Sessions As You Require Them

The Trinity is ideal if you would prefer not commit to a long coaching period but would love some direction with your transition as its happening.

​Over these 3 sessions we will be able identify disharmony in your life, begin to create a path towards what you would love to feel and create in the future, and lay out a plan for integration. 

This includes an initial 80 minute one-on-one session followed by 2 sessions at 60 minutes via Zoom. Each following with a detailed road map as well as email and text support. 



Four Weeks Unlimited Email Coaching

This new offering is coaching, guidance and inspiration via email correspondence.

Connecting through written word is so special for me both with myself and other people. There is so much power in the words that come through us onto paper. 

Every letter between us is focused on the different corners of your life, and how they so intricately weave into each other. 

This form of personal development has been created for ~

☾  My fellow intuitive introverts

☾  Those, who like me also, are able to express themselves more thoroughly in writing

☾  Busy professional's who can’t be locked into scheduled times

☾  The budget conscious beauties

☾ Wellness lovers who just don't love face to face coaching

☾  Digital Nomad friends - This will fit in with your changing timezones and the days of limited internet access.

☾  Creative souls who gain so much from creative expression..



90 Minutes Via Zoom

These sessions can be booked as needed to gain clarity, new perspective or build plans for future growth.

During these 90 minutes together we will discuss in depth your current life situation, explore the opportunities for change and cover possible barriers you may face in the near future. 

Following this session you'll receive a road map for the coming month that will begin to guide you towards your desired goal with clarity and inspiration. 

Previous clients have used these sessions to overcome overwhelm and burnout, regain creative energy, gain insight into the nomadic lifestyle, cultivate the confidence to start their own business and to shine some light on low level anxiety to name a few.

Pricing - $210


90 Minutes Via Zoom

This work is based on the belief that at times we may experience trauma not be able to fully process the emotion at the time.

When this occurs, remnants of the event can get caught in our body and in our psyche causing energetic blockages. 
These blockages become emotional triggers, create anxiety, rob us of our innate power and left ignored, can eventually bring on disease in the body.

Conscious Connected Breathing activates the body's natural healing ability to unlock and process this stored energy. This is done by breathing in and out through the mouth, guided by voice, music and movement. This full diaphragmatic breathing practice this will allow you to feel held as you move through what you were not able to process at the time. 

You've got to feel it to heal it!

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