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This new offering is coaching, guidance and inspiration via email correspondence.

Connecting with yourself, as well as others through written word one of the great loves and mysteries of the human experience. There is so much power in the words that come through us onto paper. 

Every letter between us is focused on different corners of your life, and how they so intricately weave into each other. 

 Fall in love with movement and tap into creative flow

Who Is This For..

  My fellow intuitive introverts.

 Those, who like me also, are able to express themselves more thoroughly in writing.

 Busy professional's who can’t be locked into scheduled times.

 The budget conscious beauties.

Wellness lovers who just don't love face to face coaching.

 Digital Nomad friends - This will fit in with your changing timezones and the days of limited internet access.

 Creative souls who gain so much from creative expression.

Whats Magic About It..

 It’s available whenever you damn well want it. No need to wait for a fortnightly session to speak about something on your heart now. Just pull out your phone and send me your thoughts.

 Its therapeutic in itself, like a regular journaling practice..except it speaks words of wisdom back to you.

 You have a record forever. You're able to look back on your thoughts, your past challenges and wins, as well as the advice and practices given to suit.

 Unlike realtime coaching, you have time to reflect, self inquire and respond - Very powerful and so rare.

 It’s magic as a creative outlet which has so many benefit's, such as softening anxiety, processing difficult life circumstances, understanding emotional responses and so much more. 


AUD 399

for one month of unlimited email coaching, including weekends and public holidays


AUD 549

for all above, plus a 1:1 coaching session at any point during or at the end of your experience (prepaid)

About Me: About Me
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