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An online space to initiate radical change, deep healing and personal transformation through Trauma Informed Coaching, Breathwork Therapy, herbal remedies and movement.

During this coaching I meet you exactly where you are, allow you to safely explore where you would like to go in the future, and will guide you towards building the unshakable self-belief it takes to get there.

Together we start to uncover the subconscious beliefs and behaviour patterns that are holding you back from the life you wish to create for yourself, and move you away from that all-familiar feeling of being 'stuck'. 

These wellness modalities all offer different pathways to healing and facilitate emotional release for each part of your being - body, mind and soul, as these parts of you are so intimately connected. These are just a few of the ways to wellness, but the chosen pathway I offer aims to reconnect you to the world and your place in it. 

As each of us are incredibly unique, so are these sessions. Whether you're needing guidance exploring new career options, moving through a breakup or reconnecting with forgotten parts of yourself, I lead each session intuitively dependant on your needs at the time.

Together we illuminate what personal freedom means to you (as it's so different for each of us) and we start to create this reality around you. 

Our time together includes intimate one-on-one video calls, the creation of new rituals and practices to propel you forward in your personal growth, fortnightly 'INNERBLOOM at home' workshops and so much more. 

About Me: About Me
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