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What To Expect

 An intimate 90 minute session where we can talk openly about where you're currently feeling stuck, lack or heaviness
 Intention setting for the session
 Be guided through a potent conscious connected breathing experience

 Post session movement
 Practices to implement at home

How We Get There

This work is based on the belief that our body throughout our life we experience trauma in our lives and we're not able to fully process the emotion at the time. When this occurs, remnants of the event can get caught in our body causing energetic blockages. 
These blockages become emotional triggers, create anxiety, rob us of our power and left ignored, can eventually bring on disease in the body.

Conscious Connected Breathing activates the body's natural healing ability to unlock and process this stored energy. This is done by breathing in and out through the mouth, guided by voice, music and movement. This full diaphragmatic breathing practice this will allow you to feel held as you move through what you were not able to process at the time. 

You've got to feel it to heal it!

Breathwork has been shown to work magic for 
 Stress and burnout

 Connection to source and spirit

 Sleep disorders

 Peaceful inner space



60 minutes via Zoom

AUD 170

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