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What To Expect

•  Intimate fortnightly one-on-one sessions via Zoom, phone or in person (Magnetic Island, Australia) over 24 weeks
•  Constant email or text support
•  Explore the parts of your life causing you distress

•  Release yourself of past hurt with Conscious Connected Breathwork

 Move through stored patterns that are preventing you from moving forward
  No bullshit manifestation
 Creation of rituals to connect you with the natural world
 Fall in love with movement and tap into creative flow

How We Get There
Preparation + Exploration
We get to know every area of your life intimately. Together we explore each part with lightness and discover where unprocessed life experiences may be playing out in your life. We then get deeply curious about what direction you're being pulled towards in for the future.

Releasing + Reclaiming 
Here we begin to overcome the patterns of trauma, shine light on the hidden or forgotten parts of yourself and reconnect with your body to begin to process emotional blockages, release outdated stories and ease chronic ailments. Somatic therapies such as Conscious Connected Breathwork and EFT (tapping) are used through out these sessions.

Co-creation + Implementation
This is your space to co-create your reality. We turn your dreams into plans, map out the way, learn to look for the clues, flag the obstacles and begin to call in and work towards what you're dreaming of.


Monthly payment plans may be available to you.

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