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Welcome to Innerbloom..


A space to initiate radical change, deep healing and personal transformation through Trauma Informed Coaching, Breathwork Therapy, herbal remedies, movement and natural world connection.

During this coaching I meet you exactly where you are, allow you to safely explore where you would like to go in the future, and will guide you towards building the unshakable self-belief it takes to get there.

Together we start to uncover the subconscious beliefs and behaviour patterns that are holding you back from the experiences you wish to create for yourself, and move you away from that all familiar feeling of being 'stuck'. 


Im so glad you found your way here.

I'm Alex.

A lover of people, the planet and our connection to one another.

This connection strengthens and brightens with each person living in alignment with their own idea of personal freedom, and this is the reason I have created Innerbloom. I'm in love with witnessing other people living beauty-filled, intuition-driven, creatively fuelled lives.

I'm here to remind you of your magic. 


This all started from a bit of drama. Despite feeling connected to the natural world I lived most of my twenties with distorted eating, depression, anxiety, addiction and navigating life blindly with anger and grief I wouldn't allow myself to feel. Back then I attracted all the wrong people, I was a stranger in my body and at constant war with my mind.

I'm so glad it all happened the way it did. 

The course of my life changed 8 years ago when I realised I was in control of what I could experience in this wild and beautiful life and I took ownership of my inner conflict. At this time I found mental health care, coaching and wellness to be inaccessible and self-healing tools incredibly hard to find..

The modalities I use today have all changed my life in radical ways and I'm now on a mission to make them accessible, affordable, unpretentious and uncomplicated for other humans..

Services + Sessions

"Alex has been my absolute rock over the past few months. Our sessions and the Innerbloom workshops helped me in my recovery from an eating disorder as well as dealing with daily anxiety by teaching me different coping strategies, mindfulness practices and techniques. Alex is such an understanding, calming, beautiful woman who uses her past experiences and teachings to help change the mindset and lives of others. I will forever be grateful for our time together and I feel as if I have made a lasting friendship with this magical lady."


Melbourne, Australia

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Appreciate you!


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