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Break Up After Glow

The relentlessness of it. The heaviness that’s taken up home in your chest.

The sting in your belly when you hear their name or think back to your last conversation.

Every quiet moment now seems to be flooded with old forgotten memories of when you first met.

I’ve felt where you are and I’ve gone through every stage of heartbreak - seemingly unmoveable in nature. The most intense heartbreak of my life unfolded over years and eventually ended in divorce. I now look back at this time with only gratitude, as it really was the beginning of my transition into the version of me I always dreamt of being, and it can be for you too.

Whether you’re riding oceans of grief or feeling through confusion at the same minute as anger, denial and resentment, giving your focus to each of these areas below will lead you through this transformative time in your life with openness, acceptance, strength and power. From my heart to yours.

The guide below is a starter guide to help you process your emotions, shine light where there seemingly isn't any, and ultimately, find your after glow.

My aim while guiding others through any practice is to keep it accessible, affordable, unpretentious and uncomplicated - as healing should be. I'd love to hear from you all in the comments below. Thank you for visiting my online home..

Sending love from here

A x

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