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An Energetic Shift for 2023

Shifting. It’s now become a bit of a buzz word in the wellness world. Sometimes when we hear a word enough it starts to loose its meaning.. so let me start with tilting your perception around this a little.

To initiate real change, we need a shift in our perception as to what is possible for us. It’s an evolution of our current mindset and so much more than affirming something to yourself over and over again in the hope of one day, you might wake to the belief that it's true.

A powerful shift is always in the felt sense - It’s not a cognitive action. Trying to shift your energy with willpower bypasses learnt behaviours and belief systems that are part of our human survival system - Our need to survive will almost always win over willpower.

It is for this reason we see so many self-sabotage and revert back to old patterns. At point in their life, this pattern protected them.

Shifts are energetic. The feeling is so subtle but the result from it can be life changing.

This practice will introduce you to your felt sense as you are experiencing it right now, how you have in the past and how you wish to in the future. It will also gently bring you back into your body, where old patterns are stored and activated. It is truly real life human magic.

This is a potent practice if you have specifics on where you’d like to find yourself in a years time, but if you’re unsure, base your visualisations and journaling on the quality of emotions and circumstances instead of images of what you think you would like to experience.

Remember beautiful human - the next few minutes have to come from somewhere deeper, from the place your intrinsic desires live. If they come from the need for validation or the outreach for approval, the people and circumstances you encounter will be from this place - and you deserve so much more.

Okay baby - lets dream x

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