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Manifesting With The Moon

Ahh La Luna. She gives so much and asks for nothing in return. Living in synchronicity with lunation cycles is one of the oldest practices known to humans.

Moon rituals and ceremonies are ancient, sacred practices used by cultures across the globe to celebrate the rhythms of life and our connection to the natural world.

Our ancestors used the moon as a timepiece for living in abundance. She marked when to sow and harvest crops, in turn strengthening their connection with the flow of the natural world around them. We found that the gravitational pull of the moon was strong enough to change our ocean's tides, we've watched different phases alter migration and reproduction in some animals, and we've now confirmed the light of the Full Moon get's the ocean's coral all fired up, triggering nights of mass passionate love making! Ugh! What a woman.

From here we ponder the pull the moon has on our own bodies and behaviours. The feminine energy of our moon has been suggested to change our rate of fertility, and the amount of moonlight we take in each month can affect our menstrual cycles and moods.

She is cyclic, holding a mirror to every woman on earth as she moves through her four phases from new/menstrual, to waxing/follicular, full/ovulatory to waning/luteal. This reminds us of nature's cycles of death and rebirth.

Today, in 2022, being tuned in to the phases of the moon gives you a spiritual calendar for personal growth. There is a time for releasing what is no longer serving you to make room for fresh energy and opportunities. A time for manifesting your dreams and working towards your goals. A time for self care and recuperation.

When you consciously match your energy to the celestial energy of the moon, it can feel like a sort of cosmic leg up! This practice is, at its essence, a guide to living consciously and intentionally. If you give each phase the attention it requires, It will keep you true to your goals, open to your dreams and honest to your own cycles.

Tracking lunation cycles is a practice I've held for many years and have taught others during Innerbloom's 12 week coaching experience. While travelling over the last year and sharing my experience with people from different walks of life, I saw how misunderstood this practice was and how keen others were for more information. This is now my gift to those that are open to it.

The words above are taken from a 20 page guide I've spent the last few months putting my love into - just for you. It will begin to show you how to tap into your desires, feel into your physical body and calm your mind while flowing freely with the celestial energies of the moon. My aim while guiding others through any practice is to keep it accessible, affordable, unpretentious and uncomplicated - as healing should be. I'd love to hear from you all in the comments below! Thank you for visiting my online home..

Sending love from here

A x

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